once upon a dream

Because the roller skating rink was closed on Monday, I went to go see Maleficent (because princesses are always a great cure when your dreams are crushed).

That charming little movie left a tune stuck in my head for the rest of the day. To be completely honest, it might still be there. I’ve never been a huge fan of Sleeping Beauty; Maddie is more of an Ariel kind of girl. I’d be lying if I said my hair did not play a large part in this.

Anyways, “Once Upon A Dream” is still the best of all princess songs. Sorry mermaids.


Aurora may dream about mysterious princes in the mountains, but I prefer my guys at the beach.

Just kidding (not).

But right now boys aren’t really important. Let’s talk about this dress folks.


The second I saw it, it was love at first sight. Normally I don’t buy things unless they have sale stickers, but this little number was an exception.


And just when it couldn’t get any better, I realized that it was inspired by my own inspiration.

Lauren Conrad ya’ll

blue13.jpgSince we’re on the topic of dreams, I’ll go ahead and tell you mine.

When I was little, I answered the “what do you want to be when you grow up” question with “a mermaid”.

Now I think “LC”.
blue11.jpgI don’t actually want to be Lauren, but I want to do what she does. When I’m all old and grown, I want to work at a magazine. I want to write and look at beautiful pictures and create things that people love to read and see.
blue7.jpgAnd right now, this little dress reminds me of that dream.
blue8.jpgThanks to 3/4 sleeves,  she’s perfect for a day you’ll be stuck inside freezing air conditioning. It’s also great in the cooler months (with the addition of tights and boots of course).

Plus, a darling bow and keyhole combo makes the backside pretty.
blue6.jpgAnd vintage Argentine cowboy boots make just about everything pretty.blue3.jpgother2.jpg



Whether you dream of beach boys or mountain ones or even of becoming a mermaid when you grow up, I wish you the best of luck!

Also remember that princess movies are a great alternative when the roller skating rink is closed. Happy Wednesday!



dress herehere, and here// vintage boots (ask my grandma)// earrings (similar)

*sadly, this perfect little dress sold out today (I am not kidding). Check out Lauren’s collection at Kohl’s for loads of equally cute ones!

hey June

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?


Every bride’s dream wedding date, the start of summer (and freedom), and strawberry picking season.

June also brings along it’s own flowers. For me (and lots of other girls), it carries with it a different type of blossom, the kind that flounces around your knees and gives you the perfect excuse not to wear pants.

I give you the sundress, my uniform whenever oversized t-shirts and cutoff shorts are not appropriate.



 This one happens to be one of my very favorites. Who knew that a spontaneous shopping trip to Forever 21 and nine dollars could result in this darling dress?

I also like this necklace. Alot.

Let’s just say I’ve worn it enough to make all of the beads fall off.


Obviously I fixed this little crisis.


Because the world isn’t made of smiles and rainbows, deals like that don’t last long. See similar (and equally cute) dresses here and here.


add some wedges…


…and you’ve got an outfit fit for even fancier occasions than Thursday.

BeFunky_null_3qqqq.jpg BeFunky_null_3qefac.jpg BeFunky_null_3klnkn.jpg


For more of my favorite things, see herehere, and here.

Wishing that May bring you lots of leftover flowers.

(and of course plenty of sundresses)