lazy pool days, fresh fuzzy peaches, hiking adventures, mosquito bites

Some of my favorite (and not so favorite) parts of the year mean only one thing:


My life has screeched to a slow walk, but I don’t hate it. There is finally room for gossip girl marathons, hour long breakfasts, and time with my old friends and 3 fabulous sisters. It is good to be home.

With more time comes new hobbies. If you consider pinterest worthy of that title…

Pinteresting, as I like to call it, has become one of my very favorite things to do over the past few weeks. After a long day of explaining Jambalaya and fried alligator to hungry people, nothing quite beats a little window shopping. Except for there aren’t actually any windows. And you do not even have to move.

Oh yes, and to avoid confusion, I work at a Cajun restaurant.

Anyways, here are some of the delightful things I have discovered over the past few weeks.







Check out my pinterest for lots more of my favorite things. I promise you won’t hate it.



Item details
1 sunglasses// 2 striped shirt (sold out)// 3 earrings (sold out)// 4 tye dye// 5  yellow// 6 bikini (sold out)