mad about plaid

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If plaid were part of the rainbow, it would be my favorite color. As a little kid, I had a plaid skirt that I wore

every. single. day.

(I kid you not)

I don’t actually remember what I did when it was time for laundry. 

Flash forward ten or so years, and you still have the same plaid-loving, little girl. I say little because yesterday I was estimated to be approximately fourteen years old and “way too young to date my teenage son.” My twentieth birthday is in less than a month. It’s fine. Hopefully this still stays true when I’m thirty…

This shirt became my favorite from the moment I ripped open the package it came in. Flannel is my staple for lazy weekends (and all the other days in between). It’s dressed up just a little bit with dark wash jeans, ankle boots, and an emerald crossbody.

I hope you’re having the loveliest of Christmases and drinking lots and lots of eggnog.

Have a wonderful Friday!



crossbody// ankle boots (sold out), similar here & here // flannel (similar)// jeggings


shake it off

If you told me that you do not like Taylor Swift’s new song, I wouldn’t believe you. I’ve probably watched the video (which is the cutest little thing in the world) about seventeen times today. That’s not weird at all, right?

It just makes me so HAPPY! Taylor, you’re great.

It also gives me faith that being completely silly on the dance floor is okay (because that’s what I do anyways).

This week, I lived out the whole whole “Shake it Off” thing by shaking off half of my stuff. Now there is room for more important things in my life. I feel so freeeeee (emphasis on the extra e’s). I’m telling you friends, I’ve started a new thing. I name it unshopping.

Also, I just really love Taylor, and this gives me the excuse to gush about her for two seconds of your time. I’ll be quick, I promise…she’s so fun and silly but serious and talented all at the same time. I think you call that perfect. Can you even begin to imagine how much fun hanging out with her would be?

And you know what would be even more magical that a day spent with Tay? A day spent with Tay in this dress.

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Swishy skirts without the slippy straps: this is the world’s greatest dancing dress. Trust me, I just tested it out. In my little (or big) episode of the previously-mentioned unshopping, I found these perfect shoes that ALSO happen to be almost exact replicas of Taylor’s in the video. What a happy day.

Cause the while the heartbreakers are breaking and the haters are hating, I’m just gonna have a great day in this dress (of course made better by watching this a few dozen more times).



dress (old), similar here and here// shoes, similar here// vintage earrings