10 Days of Dorm: Day 10 {memory wall}

10 days of dorm

I’m not the kind of girl who looks up her monthly horoscope, strays away from black cats, or avoids cracks in the sidewalk. Despite this lack of superstition, a certain quote really stood out to me.  

The number 10 in a dream represents starting over or a new beginning.   Something has ended in the way you think or in your life. It represents a fresh start or doing something differently.

10 is a very special number.

College is a fresh start. It is something new and totally different than anything you have ever experienced. I can’t think of a better way to describe this new chapter of life, or a better time to do so (on day 10!).

Your dorm room is the very beginning of the change; you new home base, command center, and safe heaven. While you may not be dreaming about your dorm, you will soon be dreaming in it!

Without further ado, here is the 10th and final post in 10 Days of Dorm, and a way to remember all the special people that fill your life back home.


At my graduation party in June, I wanted to have something for all my friends, family members, and loved ones to sign. With all the hustle and bustle of the big week, buying this special thing completely slipped my mind until about 3:55 pm. My graduation party started at 4.  I grabbed the first thing I saw that would hold a pen, taped it up on the kitchen wall, and bounced over to the door where the bell had begun to ring profusely. This item happened to be a long strip of butcher paper.


To my surprise, this plain white strip became quite a hit. There always seemed to be a line of people waiting to write their special message in brightly colored magic marker.

After the party, I leaned up against the counter and gazed at my new favorite thing until every single  signature and message was read. This poster was displayed on the kitchen wall until about two weeks ago (and graduation was on June 5th!) , just because we all loved it so much.


You obviously can’t do this at your graduation party (unless it’s at the end of the summer), but it would be perfect for a going away celebration, or even something to have up as your friends and family visit before the big day!


I’m bringing mine to college to decorate the inside of my closet door. Getting dressed every morning will come with extra added color and a whole lot of memories.

I hope that 10 Days of Dorm has given you lots of ideas about how to make your dorm darling without spending a pretty penny! Have a beautiful day; and may all your dreams come true.

xo, Maddie

10 Days of Dorm: Day 8 {spirit garland}

10 days of dorm, spirit garland, DIY, captains, CNU, day 8, anchors

Target is probably one of my favorite places in the world.


This love began at a very young age, when my mom would the pack  van full with all four girls. It was the most anticipated trip of the month, a sort of fashion week for the Long sisters.

At 13, the most exciting part of moving into our new house was the fact that it was less than one mile away from IT.  With the boredom of being in a new town without all our old friends (AND in the middle of summer) , we probably made at least five trips a week.

Why do I love Target so much?

Because just about everything there is fun, darling, and dirt cheap.

If you walk to the very back of the isles, the merchandise is on clearance for crazy and unbelievably amazing prices.

And now you know where I found these darling plates for only 74 cents!

With pretty, patterned paper (or in my case, paper plates), a stencil, and a little string, you can create a darling dorm display to show off your school spirit. As a captain, I chose anchors, but mix it up a bit! Use your school mascot as a template, or spell out the name in brightly colored letters. (get creative!) The possibilities are as endless as the clearance racks at my very favorite store.

10 days of dorm, spirit garland, DIY, captains, CNU, day 8, anchors

you will need…

  • scissors
  • tape
  • patterned paper or decorative paper plates
  • string
  • your desired stencil (I printed a picture of an anchor and trimmed it up to size)

10 days of dorm, spirit garland, DIY, captains, CNU, day 8, anchors

10 days of dorm, spirit garland, DIY, captains, CNU, day 8, anchors

tape the stencil to the back side of the paper…


…and begin cutting (do two sheets at a time, it’s MUCH faster!)


tape the string to the back of the shapes…


…and you have yourself a darling garland!


Who knew that adding spirit to your dorm room could be this simple?

Have a beautiful day, and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow afternoon for day 9!

xo, Maddie