the British are coming


I am convinced that this jacket caused a permanent change of mind in a life long decision. From the time I new what colors actually were, blue was my favorite. Now, whenever a friendly six year old pops the question, I answer “red”.

This coat causes my friends to sometimes yell “the British are coming” as I walk around campus. Tea anyone? It’s also what I wore on sorority bid day last year next to an army of 200+ girls in green t-shirts. I didn’t stand out at all…

Basically, I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of this fabulous jacket. Dark wash jeans and little black dresses might be the traditional closet staples, but I believe that red pea coats deserve a spot on the list.

 Let’s talk about what else is new. This week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with my lovely friend and photographer Anna, who did all of the pictures for this post. She is truly a talented gal (who is also working on a photography blog!!). I’ll be posting a link as soon as she has it published.

Unfortunately, mine is sold out, but below is a little guide to my (new) favorite closet staple. Grab one up before the warmer months hit!

Have a lovely week (and buy a red peacoat)



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2 thoughts on “the British are coming

  1. Love the new post . You two work well together and the red coat is a hit, every time I see it I like it more. Made some veggie soup and I thought of you.


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