eye candy

Lately, I have had an incurable craving for candy corn.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement…let’s go with obsession.

I have also had a little infatuation with Our World Boutique, my new favorite place for darling statement necklaces, my favorite type of a very different treat. (aka eye candy)


When I got the email that this darling neckwear had arrived in my mailbox, I grabbed a pair of scissors and ran to the Student Union. Looking back, this probably wasn’t the best idea in the world…

But hey, I can’t help that packages make me extremely happy.

(Especially when they contain something as delightful as this topaz and sapphire gem!)


With fantastic prices (most pieces are $10 or less!) and gorgeous designs, Our World will probably make frequent appearances in my friend’s gift bags this Christmas.



Aside from candy corn, this week has included a beach trip, Halloween festivities, and lots of runs in the perfect fall weather. It will soon include football and homecoming, which is THIS WEEKEND!

(If you can’t tell, I also really love homecoming)


Have a fabulous rest of your week, and don’t forget to make a little time to enjoy this beautiful world that God created and all the people in it, no matter how busy your schedule is.

Also remember that candy corn and online shopping have incredible healing properties…

with lots of love,


skirt (Frechesca’s)/ flats (Target)/ shirt (random find)/ necklace (Our World Boutique)