sailing away

September 2nd is only about two weeks away.

And why, you ask, could this date possibly matter?
Because September 2nd is Labor Day, the time to say goodbye to all things summery and white.

This leaves us with exactly twenty days to wear white pants. My favorite pair happen to be of the sailor variety…

sailing away

This week also happens to be my very last week at home before I sail away to college and become a captain. (no pun intended, but this is REALLY my university’s mascot!)

Could there possible be a better time to wear these pants?
I didn’t think so.

sailing away

Let’s start with the necklace.

Last Friday, I spotted this little gem in a gallery downtown. It has quickly became my favorite accessory! You can NEVER go wrong with vintage: tried and true blue is always a classic.

sailing away

Buttons are some of my favorite things, and the very best way to hold pants in place. On this little number I get three on each side: the more the merrier!

sailing away

Adding wedges to wide leg pants equals instant height. (which is always a good thing)sailing away

I hope that the remainder of August is filled sun, smiles, and LOTS of ice cream.

All the best wishes for smooth sailing into college, and have a beautiful day!

xo, Maddie

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