i like foxes

IMG_6490IMG_6493IMG_6498IMG_6509IMG_6381Fried eggs, bright cherry red, Van’s sneakers, avoiding haircuts.

If this were The Sound of Music and I were Julie Andrews, all of these things would be in a song, and I would be singing on a snow topped mountain instead of a dirt road. Anyways, you know what else I like? FOXES.

Foxes are fast and sleek and red and wonderful. I love them more than any other animal on God’s green earth. Foxes (NOT the real live version) are also wonderful things to wear. Thankfully, lots of stores have caught on to this fact recently. Not so thankfully, my wallet is in pain. Lately my favorite foxes have been the ones on my ears. My wonderful sister made a day (hint hint mine) when a package arrived at school with these pretty little things inside. I wouldn’t be lying if I told you I’ve worn them (almost) every day.

Another favorite thing is this outfit. It seems to be the most versatle thing I’ve ever decided to wear, morping into the perfect interview, presentation, and even snow-trampling outfit. It’s thrown together with old things and new, but I’ve added links to (almost) perfect copies below.

Happy spring

(or should I say snow day)



blouse, Free People (sold out, similar here)// skirt, my lovely friend Devon (but similar here)// shoes, Target (old, similar here)// earrings, The Purple Fern

the British are coming


I am convinced that this jacket caused a permanent change of mind in a life long decision. From the time I new what colors actually were, blue was my favorite. Now, whenever a friendly six year old pops the question, I answer “red”.

This coat causes my friends to sometimes yell “the British are coming” as I walk around campus. Tea anyone? It’s also what I wore on sorority bid day last year next to an army of 200+ girls in green t-shirts. I didn’t stand out at all…

Basically, I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of this fabulous jacket. Dark wash jeans and little black dresses might be the traditional closet staples, but I believe that red pea coats deserve a spot on the list.

 Let’s talk about what else is new. This week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with my lovely friend and photographer Anna, who did all of the pictures for this post. She is truly a talented gal (who is also working on a photography blog!!). I’ll be posting a link as soon as she has it published.

Unfortunately, mine is sold out, but below is a little guide to my (new) favorite closet staple. Grab one up before the warmer months hit!

Have a lovely week (and buy a red peacoat)



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